Friday, August 27, 2010

Tea & Ephemera

In the evening I taught Tea & Ephemera, this was a new class for me, so there are always so many things I learn the first time through. I had originally proposed it as a 6 hour class but gave the option of a 3 hour class and that is what got picked.

Well, there is no way to cover everything I hoped to cover in 3 hours, when paint needs to dry and there are so many techniques I wanted to demo. One thing we hadn't counted on was blowing fuses from too many blow dryers, seems like 2 blow dryers are the limit. Or how much matte medium a class of 25 will go through, luckily Melly Testa had some in her room that she lent us when my supply ran out.

Normally I spend lots of time going around to visit people individually, but in 3 hours there was barely time for proper demos.

Last night I came home at 11:30 and painted enough fabric with a wash of color for everyone in Sunday's Tea & Ephemera class. That way they can skip the first step of the process and we'll have more time for demos and trying out the various products and techniques.


  1. ah the joys of cramming everything you want to share into 3 hours!

    I'm sure you handled it with grace and humor!

  2. Everyone's smiling face shows that you handled the challenges with aplomb! Beautiful work by your students!

  3. WOW! It looks like so much fun. I hope the next year I can attend. Thank you for sharing.


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