Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An Ornamental Fiesta

At Create I got to teach one of my favorite classes making Fiesta ornaments. I saw several mother daughter teams at Create, what a fabulous time they always seemed to have together.

You know why this woman has such a huge grin? She had never painted before, aren't her ornaments fantastic?

I love having teachers in my class! they are always the best students ;-)

Here's my teachers pet finishing up her stitching on one of the Bernina 440's we were so lucky to have in our room. What a great machine, I would love to have one in my studio!



  1. Looks like it was a marvelous class. Your students should all have huge smiles as they have produced wonderful pieces.
    Nice to see such a wide variety too! One on my pet peeves about classes is going home with the same thing everyone else has also made.

  2. really, I can't believe how successful your students are with this project. fabulous.

  3. They did beautiful work! Wish I could have taken this class, Judy!


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