Thursday, November 05, 2009

This is my kind of gardening

The only green on my thumbs is from paint. I love plants, I am just not very good at keeping them alive. Except for cacti and succulents, I do really well with those, but unfortunately I don't live in California anymore.


  1. i get equally frustrated here in Ca. as soon as I grow something that doesn't need the entire pacific ocean to water it; bugs find it! blast them! i like yours better. & just so you know; my friend jamie gave me a mistyfuse button with your name on it today! whoot for me! :) And thank you miss jamie!

  2. I couldn't make anything live in CA - brown thumb syndrome:(

    Very pretty!

  3. wow very cute..I like it...thank you for letting us to see this. I'll be back for more!!!


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