Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Looks like Oprah's back

I looked off the balcony just now to see what the noise was and noticed the O show obviously has started taping the new season. These are all the happy audience members grabbing cabs after the show.
You can see by the price on the parking lot sign across the street why many take cabs. The price changes from $15 as a normal rate to $30 during the show. BTW, this lot is not owned by Harpo.

I am playing with a new iphone app- Toy Camera that Judy Wise posted about on her blog. Thanks Judy! The app has a fun setting that changes filters with each photo so it is always a surprise to see what the photo will look like.

I love the way this photo with Harpo studios in the foreground looks like it could have been taken anytime in the last 30+ years with its yellowed vintage look.

Last I want to say how sad I am to hear of Ted Kennedy's death today, an amazing politician. It seems so rare these days that we can say that. In honor of his life I hope we can get a universal health care plan passed that will provide everyone in this country with access to health insurance.

This issue is very important to me having lost a dear friend to ovarian cancer several years ago, who did not have health insurance. Health insurance may not have saved her life, but it is possible that the cancer could have been caught earlier if she had insurance to pay for wellness check ups and she would not have had to go through hell dealing with bill collectors while she was trying so hard just to stay alive.

So timely, Chris Matthews from MSNBC has a special on the Kennedy Brothers legacy that should be really interesting, tomorrow night (thurdsay) at 7pm.


  1. What a fun iPhone app! The colors are great. I enjoy seeing your images of "Oprah high up" -the views are always so very different than from what I see from "up here" in Alaska!

    PS_ Hope you and your daughter are feeling a bit better :o)

  2. wowowow, 30 dollar parking! O.O

  3. You live so close never went there?

  4. Actually Oprah had an episode, Oprah meets her neighbors in 2007, that led to an opportunity to go to a party at my neighbors down the hall where Oprah came and it was filmed for the show.

    for the whole story you need to go to the may/07 archives

    the posts that talk about the whole experience are from may 8-17

  5. It costs $90 to park right next to the new Cowboys stadium here in Dallas. Insane.


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