Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Seeing color theory in life

This week at the grocery I saw these bright and fun flowers that I couldn't resist, how can you say no to bright yellow daisies with green centers and limey green and red-violet mums.This is a great example of a split complimentary color scheme; red violet, yellow and green.

Split compliments consist of a main color and the two colors on each side of its complimentary (opposite) color on the color wheel.

Last night I looked out the window and saw this gorgeous sunset, predominantly in yellow, red (pink) and blue, these three colors make up the primary color triad on the color wheel. It is with these three colors in different combinations that create all the other colors. You can see examples of that here where the pink and blue have combined in the highest clouds are lovely purples and where the yellow and pink come together close to the horizon you see peachy and golden oranges.

Understanding the basics allows for endless possibilities. If you are interested in learning more, join the next online color theory class.


  1. GORGEOUS photos. Good luck with the class! :D

  2. Great photos especially the sunset.

  3. Oh Judy all this color makes my heart go pitty pat.

  4. Yup - all those photos are gorgeous, but as a dyer, I swoon over those swatches!

  5. Judy - would love to take your online color class but am returning from a trip on Sept. 8th in the evening. If I miss the 8th is it possible to catch up? Are the classes every day or once a week.


  6. Hi Lori,

    The class is set up as a website where all the lessons and assignments are available to you from the time you start the class. It is completely self paced, you can work whenever you want and at what ever pace you are comfortable with. The discussion area keeps us in contact through out the class. I have a calendar set up to help students pace themselves through the class only so they don't fall too far behind when life gets busy. You can technically begin the class the day after you have paid.

    send me an email, there's a link on the class description page, so I can follow up with adding you to the class.

  7. Look at those colors! Beautiful, especially those color swatches! I took pictures of my garden this year, to use as reference during the coming long, dark winter. Flowers offer a wonderful palette. As artists, we think we should automatically know and understand color but many don't, including myself. You class is on my "must-do" list...


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