Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cloth, Paper, Metal

Paper: large tea bag drawn on with a Sharpie. Cloth: cotton fabric painted with textile paints.
Next I collaged more paper images that were scanned from copyright free image sources and a mini Tarot card from wrapping paper. I painted the artichoke by glazing layers of transparent textile paint over the drawing. Then I painted a thin coat of white paint over the flower area before glazing it with purple paint.
I fused the finished collage to Peltex heavy weight interfacing and quilted the artichoke and a few leaves in the background.
Metal: After trimming the finished collage, I lightly scored an outline on a sheet of craft metal.

This is from a new line of metal being produced by Walnut Hollow. The metal is only available in some parts of the country right now but as the supply increases it will be available everywhere. (It is not yet on the website, but maybe soon.)
I measured an inch in from the inside of the scored outline, and cut out the center with an x-acto knife then trimmed the corners with scissors.

I wrapped the edges of the metal to the back and smoothed it down flat with a bone folder.
I set my sewing machine to a wide zig zag and stitched the metal to the collage, stitching through the metal on both sides. This will not hurt the sewing machine, the worst that will happen is dull the needle. Then you can use this needle for other metal sewing projects
I finished the frame by drawing designs on the metal with a pointed tool made for working on craft metal.


  1. Anonymous1:02 AM

    This is very cool, Judy. I love what you've done here & in past projects with the metal. Really a nice textural contrast, very appealing. And love your artichoke!

    Hope to have time to try some of these techniques soon. Thanks for sharing so much detail & the great photos.

  2. Ah, Judy - that is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I really need to do something as different and innovative.

  3. WOW LOVE this mini tute! The results are fab and SO inspiring!
    A great blending of elemnets and motifs!

  4. woo, girllll, this is very groovy! i'm digging the stitches through the metal a lot!

  5. You know I love these metal embellishments! Another stunning example and excellent tutortial as well!

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  7. i do so love the work you do...this is great...makes me want to find some of that metal and try my hand at it. i am going to marquette on saturday to drop off a class sample...i think they have some sort of craft store there. i will have to go back and read some of the blogs or probably better workshops to see what wt. metal and stuff. i am stoked! you ARE a wonder girl. mahala nui loa

  8. Awesome Judy! Makes me want to run out and get some metal...and I think I will! You know how much I love you and your art...

  9. Thanks For the compliments. I wanted to let you all know that Walnut Hollow will be putting the metal on their website at the end of the week. They have aluminum, copper and brass metal in a 9 x 12 sheets and small packages of 4" squares. I am really excited about that since I won't have to cut metal for ornament workshops. Walnut Hollow also has awesome tools for working with the metal as well.

  10. Love it, Judy!! The colors appear so warm, rich. The metal work is really cool, also. Thanks for sharing.

    Alice I.

  11. GORGEOUS!!! as usual! :-)
    The metal is way too cool...glad to know you can sew through it. I have a feeling I will be adding some copper to my stash...

  12. I really love this, your metalwork frames really give a wonderful finished look to your work too!

  13. How beautiful. I love the metal and all of the great color!

  14. Thanks for sharing, love your artichoke and the final piece is amazing. I hope to try out some of your techniques soon

  15. thank you for your comment. you must know I LOVE your art too!
    just see this one!


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