Friday, August 22, 2008

Better Photos

I went to the photographer yesterday and had the quilt shot, I had him photograph the back too. You can see my favorite binding technique is to do a faced binding on the back. I still have to do the label, but at least I now have a jpeg to send in with the show entry form.


  1. if I may ask, who do you use for your quilt photography? do you have any recommendations for finding a reputable photographer?

  2. PS - I love the quilt - it is stunning!


  3. It's fantastic - the back makes it look like a wholecloth quilt, but I love the front too.

  4. Thanks

    When I needed to find a photographer, I called one of my favorite galleries and asked if they could recommend an art photographer. I had tried google searches but I just came up with wedding and portrait photographers.

  5. I am still amazed...the quilting on this piece is exquisite. What kind of thread did you use? How big is this piece? And where will it be shown?

  6. Thanks Karen. I used Superior threads King Tut cotton. It is 57" x 70" and the first entry form I have filled out is for PIQF. Generally I enter quilts in IQF and PIQF, I am going to try and work on entering more shows though. Honestly I get so busy doing other stuff, I forget to look at other shows deadlines.

  7. Honestly, I'm having a hard time deciding if I like the back better than the front of the quilt. It is stunning. I'm finishing a wholecloth quilt to be in a show but I don't like to show it to anybody besides my family, I'm kind of funny that way. I can see many ribbons on your quilt. B E A U T I F U L...

  8. Anonymous8:54 PM

    I came over from Red Thread Studio and this quilt is amazing!

  9. Stunning! Just saw this link from your new video camera post. Machine or hand quilted? If machine - what machine do you have?


  10. Hi Jojo,

    It is machine quilted on a Janome 6600.


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