Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Announcing The Color Theory Class

When I asked if people would be interested in taking a color theory workshop, several people showed interest and asked if I would do an online class.

Well I did my homework and have created my first online class. Here's the official class description:

Did you know the color choices you make can transform an average piece of artwork into something spectacular? Be surprised and delighted by the effects and illusions you can create by understanding the mysteries of color. In this hands-on experiential class you'll learn key color concepts with visual examples, mix new paint colors, and create helpful charts, all providing you with the tools you’ll need to see color in a whole new light.

It's a six week course beginning June 23rd. Because it is the first class, I am running a special discounted trial limited to 10 people. Click here for more information, supply list and to sign up.


  1. Anonymous8:58 PM

    hi judy,

    can you explain how the online class format works? i'm not familiar with these yet. is it a videocast, or a restricted-access blog step-by step, etc. i guess what i'm wondering is if we have to be available on a certain day/time or if we can log in & do it within a certain larger time frame?

  2. I want to sign up for the class, I am so excited. I e-mailed you. Hopefully I e-mailed you correctly.

  3. Hi LuAnne,
    I have created a site where the participants will be able to go anytime they want. All the lessons are available from the start with exercises following each weeks lesson. Each exercise has a chart in pdf format that you can print out at your convenience. You can move along as fast or slow as you want.

    There is a discussion area for people to post questions and talk about each lesson. There are also links within several lessons to other interesting sites dealing with color that I think people will enjoy.

    The benefit to the online class over an actual in person workshop is the ability to cover a lot more concepts and painting exercises than one could do in a six hour class.

    I hope this helps you get a good understanding of how I have set up the class. To tell you the truth I am not really sure how a lot of the other classes are done. As I thought about the different possibilities this way made the most sense to me.

  4. judy, could you give us a link on the Dick Blick site for the brush? There are just sooo may brushes and I don't want to get the wrong one.

  5. Amy, the brush is not so crucial, you just need a flat brush as opposed to a round one. It does not need to be expensive. You want one with synthetic fibers 1/4"-1/2" wide. I know there are sooo many brushes on the site and even I can't find the specific ones that I like. You may find a good one that is student grade, they are usually cheaper. If this was a class about painting technique, the type/quality of the brush would be more important.


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