Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A note to the universe

Happy birthday Dad, I miss you.

Today was my dads birthday, he died just after midnight a year ago today. I wish that I could have shared with him my accomplishments this last year. I know in my heart he knows, but I still would have liked to see his face and hear him say "ay yup" with his strong Maine accent and his pipe in the corner of his mouth.

I made this book after he died. My dad had the longest obituary I think I have ever seen, full of all his accomplishments as a Mason. I cut up his obituary and collaged it into the book and painted Masonic symbols to go along with it.

He came from a long line of Masons. Growing up I never really understood what he used to do at all those meetings. Over the years I asked my dad about the Masons and found it to be a really interesting organization full of symbolism, ritual and mystery. It was his path to living a good life with moral integrity. The Masonic organization was the most important thing in my dads life, it defined who he was, and I think it made him a great man.


  1. I miss you Daddy

  2. I'd like to think that all your accomplishments this year were helped along by your Dad's support now working from the Universe--wow, how powerful!
    I really admire your work, Judy, and loved seeing your beautiful studio in my pre-ordered copy of Studios. I too was in awe of Sara Lechner's romantic hayloft with that gorgeous lacy curtain! Ahhh.
    Your Dad's book is beautiful--thanks for sharing.
    Rebecca in Vermont
    (I'm going to ask friends about those maple syrup eggs!)

  3. Judy;
    I agree; your Dad is certainly smiling down on you from beyond; he sounds like a wonderful guy; and he would be impressed w/ the great year you are having w/ fame! I'll bet he would say "I'm not surprised"...
    As always; I am in awe of yur creativity (and clean studio) Sorry I missed that Magazine cover!! Very cool! I will keep an eye out for it;
    {I did manage to make a few of the tin ornaments at Xmas--I fused fabric instead of paint--Very well received} The instructions were perfect..

  4. Thanks Anne, Oh I am glad to hear that about the directions, It is hard to be sure the words are conveying the idea clearly enough. Did you photograph them before giving them away? I am sure I will see you at the show, I will be in the Cloth Paper Scissors area a lot for MIU and open studios, so you are bound to run into me there. See you soon!

  5. Thanks for the kind words Rebecca, have you had enough snow there in VT? The forecast here says we might finally be done, I am not holding my breath though.


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