Thursday, January 03, 2008

Quilting Arts TV on DVD!

Wow for everyone who is not in the US or who has a lame PBS station that is not fiber friendly, you will be able to buy the whole first season of Quilting Arts TV on DVD. I know QATV is not showing up yet in the Chicago listings. I looked through the next 2 months schedule of Create with no sign of it there or on the regular PBS station site.

Have you seen that Quilting Arts is also coming out with a new special Studios issue. I submitted a few photos for it. I love seeing how people organize their studios, I admit I can be organizationally challenged. I am the kind of person who usually shoves the big pile to another part of the table to work on the next project because I don't want to waste time putting stuff away and then not be able to find things. My mother would tell you this is a life long pattern for me.

It is amazing how much Quilting Arts has in the works right now. Lots of special stuff to come out soon.

At the end of the month Pokey starts taping the second season of Quilting Arts TV. I will be taping a segment for the second season too, only this next one will be longer than 3 minutes, lol. I will be painting batting and demoing how I made the 9 patch that The Warm Co. used in their ad in the December issue of Quilting Arts. So if I don't post as often this month it is because I am busy working on my step outs for the show and a couple classes I am prepping for.


  1. You've been tagged with the "You're an Amazing Blogger award!"
    ~The Bella Modiste~

  2. Yahoo! My Tacoma PBS station has Quilting Arts, have my computer ready to record it since it's at 8:30 am on Sat. Goody goody.

  3. I submitted stuff for the Studio edition too. Do you know when it's coming out?

  4. My guess is it will be released just in time for Chicago quilt festival.

    Vicky, you are one of the lucky ones, I think a lot of people are going to have to wait a couple months.

    Belle Modiste, I am so honored that you thought of me for the Amazing Blogger Award, but i have very mixed feelings about the obligation that goes along with it.I tend to not play along too much with these chain things, but thank you so much for finding my blog worthy. ^_^

  5. I have seen the very first episode! Interesting how they go thru some things really fast, but took the time to really show one tech. I think getting the show on DVD would be a good idea. You could pause/rew/ff etc. to really get what they are talking/demo'ing about....I like to go back and review what I have just seen.

  6. I too was concerned about how short the segments were. It felt very rushed when I taped the first time. I think Pokey has pushed to get that changed for the second season. From what I understand, it has a lot to do with underwriters (product advertisers) who basically pay for the show. With out those companies financial support there would be no show.

    My next appearance is being paid for by the Warm Company. This time I will have a 10 minute segment, my fist time there was no one to pay for my spot, so I paid travel and hotel expenses myself.

  7. Well thank you for footin' the bill for the first time, but am glad you get another chance and more time. Have to laugh, ad's don't do any good if no one watches the show because it's too hurried. I am looking forward to next weeks show, want me to tape it for ya??

  8. Anonymous12:37 AM

    HI Judy. Channel 10 out of Milwaukee has QA on at 10:30 on Tuesday mornings. It just started today.

    I thought the show was great. Congrats on having been invited to the second season!!


  9. Hi Robbi,

    Thanks! I am so jealous you guys are getting it. So close and yet not close enough to get the station :(

  10. Hi Judy, I just gave you a "You Make My Day" award. Check out my blog for details, but if you want to, give your award to ten people and leave a comment on their blog.


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