Sunday, January 20, 2008

Neocolor crayons can work as a resist!

Last night as I lay in bed with total insomnia trying to solve the worlds problems, or atleast my own, a lightbulb went off. In my brain anyways, it occurred to me, if you heat set the crayon drawing first, the wax would melt into the fabric creating a resist.

I just did a quick little test and lo and behold it works! Draw your design on the fabric, put a press cloth on top and iron it at the setting for the fabric. Then use transparent textile paints with a lot of water mixed in as you paint. You could do lots of watercolory blending of colors and throw salt on it to get more texture as it dries.


  1. I wish I'd thought of that! I'm off to try it....

  2. Lovely! Don't you just love those little light bulbs!

  3. Thanks for sharing that! Amazing when those ideas come.

  4. I'm suffering from over active brain too. I'm so happy to see that you're still blogging away and being creative. I hope 2008 has started off on a good note.

  5. what kind of crayons did you use?

  6. They are called Neocolor l, you can buy them at Dick Blick. Neocolor ll are the watercolor crayons.

  7. Anonymous3:04 PM

    THANX!!! I've always wanted to do resist, but didn't want to use the clear stuff. What a great idea.


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