Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas lunch with the Chicago School of Fusing

Yesterday Laura Wasilowski hosted a Christmas lunch at her home. Here you see her in the famous blue chair.

There were several sightings of famous people in the blue chair.

Jane Sassaman

Emily Parson with her daughters.

Here's Nina, Ann Fahl, Jane, and Frieda. We would have had lots of photos of food if Melody had been with us, but we all forgot to take any photos until lunch was over. You can see some cupcakes I brought made with my chocolate zucchini cake recipe and socks knit with Emily's beautiful hand dyed sock yarn that you can buy here.

We had a great time.


  1. Thanks for the photos -- it's nice to see you with some people I really like who have influenced me a lot -- Jane and Laura!

    The funny thing is, I've met them and they've been to my house, but I only know you through your blog!! But sometimes it seems like I know you so well!

  2. what an amazing group of women at your lunch, after finding your blog in the fibre arts fantastic mag, had to say hi.and say i love your work. happy days margie

  3. HI Margie, Thanks for stopping by to say Hi!

    It is an amazing group of women, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to get to be friends with them. That is one of the benefits to moving as much as we have, I have made lots of wonderful (and talented) friends.


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