Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Oprah meets her neighbors

Easter weekend, some people from Oprah’s studios across the street stopped me in my lobby. They said that Oprah wanted to meet her neighbors and that it would be featured on the following Thursdays show. They interviewed several people in our building, including me, and walked through our units with cameras filming. Our place is a working studio that two adults and two children that are homeschooled happen to live in. There is no living room just a big open space filled with large tables, sewing machines, computer equipment, file cabinets and art supplies. There are projects of all kinds everywhere. We were not chosen to be on the show, much to my relief. I was not up for the cleaning that would be involved in having the rest of the world see our place.

Our neighbors down the hall were picked. An attractive successful couple with a loft, similar to ours, except that it looks like a contemporary furniture showroom. It was immediately obvious why we were not chosen, they are saving us for the Nate Birkus episode where they come in and fix the disaster that you call home.

If you happened to catch that episode of Oprah, she gave our neighbors a case of Dom Perignon for their next cocktail party. I got a call last Friday night from Oprah’s “people”, thinking for sure they were calling to see when they could schedule that appointment with Nate. But instead they were calling to invite me to a party down the hall that Oprah will be attending. I got my invite today, it is lovely pearlescent paper wrapped with bright orange and red satin ribbon. It says festive cocktail attire, geez; I was hoping to get away with my standard pair of jeans and a black shirt.

I am sure this shindig is going to be filmed since the cameras were down the hall in their unit last night filming. Maybe I can wear one of my quilts…


  1. You should go to the party just so you could have a sip of the Don Perignon. If you wore the quilt you would surely be the talk of the party. Oprah isn't always dressed up. sometimes she wears sweats, havent you seen her do that? no make up, no hair style, just a regular person.
    Since I left Chicago 13yrs ago for a simpler life in the mountains of north carolina ( a little town called Saluda)I haven't needed to dress up one little bit. No panty hose for me anymore. Yipee. The rich and famous down here wear overalls all the time. They mingle well with us small time artists.
    random arts

  2. So which quilt will you be wearing?

  3. I was thinking the blue silk with the gold squid would be the most festive...I should consult with Scarlett O'Hara before I begin this project.

    I will never forget that Carol Burnett episode where she is portaying Scarlett in the green velvet drapes and she comes down the stairs with the curtain rod across her shoulders. That still cracks me up when i think about it. I could take out the room with a 7 1/2 foot hanging rod across my shoulders.

  4. Oh I am so excited. I totally saw that episode and thought of you! I knew they were in your building. Keep us posted.

    And by the way...

    I'm tagging you for the "7 random things about me" meme. Post, if you wish, and pass it along to 7 others. Be sure to comment on their blogs and let them know they've been tagged.

  5. Look forward to hearing all about the party!!!

  6. Go !
    Wear makes YOU happy and have a great time !
    Marie Johansen

  7. I saw the episode and thought of you...you had mentioned the Oprah studios before! I'm sort of disappointed she prescreened you all
    Be sure to wave to all of us when you go to the party and eat the fab food! we'll all know you should have gotten picked!

  8. Jude: How cool are YOU? Omigosh. My neighbors don't even know who Oprah IS!!! cheryl

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