Friday, May 05, 2006

PAQA Water Challenge

Frieda has organized a water challenge for PAQA that is due next wednesday. I feel like I am getting the energy and drive to work on some art again. Four weeks on Thyroid hormones sure makes a differnce even my head feels clearer. Last week I bought this gorgeous piece of silk that shines blue and green when I was in the garment district in downtown LA and thought it would make a good ocean. It looks very green but where the quilting is it shines blue. I painted it tuesday night and quilted it wednesday. Next I have to do a 4 x 5 inch quilted self protrait. hmmmm....

Today I am off to an anime convention with my kids. Nina is going to work for an hour as an asistant in a manga drawing class and Ty is going to give origami demonstrations in the kids area. The nice thing about homeschooling is I can bring them today (friday) when the crowds will be smaller. Today we will call this social studies. Abby will be joining us incognito in her modified Trader Joes canvas doggy bag. We will be gone too long to leave her home alone.


  1. Anonymous4:13 PM

    I LOVE the doggy 'bag' is that a screen inset?

  2. Your water piece is great, love the quilting on it.

  3. I wish George could come along like that, but alas he is too heavy and nosy. I love the water piece.

  4. Looking forward to seeing your quilt at the meeting on Wednesday. Alas, I have not started on my portrait...not good at creating myself in my work...

  5. What a cute bag for the pup! What is used as the screen?


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