Monday, May 15, 2006

Nick Cave Soundsuits

On mothers day my sister, mother, step dad, my son and I went to see an exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center of Nick Caves Soundsuits. These are absolutely amazing. They are a rich collage of all kinds of handwork; knitting, crochet, sequins, embroidery, feathers, sticks, hair you name it, sewn together to make these shaman like head to toe coverings. These suits are designed to be danced in and they create sound with movement. They are so gorgeous, a must see if you are in Chicago.

Also at the Cultural Center is an exhibit called Humans Being: Disability in Contemporary Art that is excellent. The CCC website says "The show aims to be a complex and serious conversation about how disability is both understood and misunderstood by the culture at large. It will include paintings, sculpture, photography, installation and samples of graphic novels by more than 20 artists—both disabled and non-disabled—and will explore issues of illness, impairment, discrimination, alienation, sexuality, community, identity and the political aspects of disability." It does all that they claim, a wonderful exhibit.

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  1. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Judy, As always, your work and your blog's representation of it are inspirational, and, as always, you are missed in the L.A. Foothills. Your kids continue to produce astounding art, but why shouldn't they--they're astounding souls...Linda F.


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