Saturday, April 28, 2012

10 Techniques with Acrylic Inks

We had a great time with the acrylic inks class, this was the first official time through it so there is always so much to learn, for all of us. I'm glad it was a small class, I can see where timing will have to be adjusted for a big class, as well as needing space to put wet fabric. 

We did start to run out of time when it came to drawing on the fabric with calligraphy and ruling pens, so there aren't any samples showing that, but I did demonstrate it, lol.

Now that I've gone thru it one time, I could see this class working well as a multi day workshop with one day spent covering all the different techniques and then the next day combining them into larger complex cloth.


We were just getting to scratch the surface with combining and layering multiple techniques by the end of the day.
 All in all, it was a fun day.


  1. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Wow. Nancy's piece, the first one pictured with the feather on the turquoise background is so beautiful!

  2. Very nice! Will have to try some of that...

  3. I suddenly have the urge to get old clothes on and get messy with colour!

  4. my kind of class, looks like a blast!
    did you do the ferns with a stamp or did you use an actual fern? they came out great and I love my ferns:)
    Why and when do you prefer inks over paint? I have never used inks before.
    thank you for all your inspiration:-)

  5. It was a great class. Learned lots of techniques and gained inspiration from both Judy and other workshop participants. You can't beat the flood of energy and ideas you get in a workshop, and then it's time to calm down and try stuff at home.

  6. landscapelady, I believe all the images on that piece of fabric were stamped.

    The inks are really fantastic to use with stamps, you get a much cleaner image. They also have a completely different consistency than paint with a little more transparency, so I love it for layering imagery.


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