Thursday, December 22, 2011

Swedish Magazine Interview

Last September 11th, I met with the editor of the Swedish Quilting magazine Rikstacket for an interview. The streets of downtown Chicago were unusually quiet on that somber 10 year anniversary, but the sun was shining and it was a lovely warm day. We met at the Art Institute for lunch and chatted about my work process, the differences between teaching in the US and Europe, exhibiting work and life.

It was fun to receive a copy of the magazine this week, not being able to read a word of it, lol, but enjoying the wonderful quality of the photos and printing and getting a taste of the European quilt world.


  1. oh this article is laid out beautifully....guess it would have been nice if you could read it LOL

    btw you are looking pretty fabulous as well......whats your secret?

  2. The magazine spread is beautiful. I guess you could spend the day with Google translate. ;) Wishing you joy this holiday season and my laughter, joy, creative successes, and fun in the New Year. Thank you for inspiring me to explore, challenge myself, and grow. You are an amazing artist. Thank you for sharing you journey. xo

  3. That's awesome! Love the photos.

    I think it's too cool that it's all in Swedish (dutch?)

  4. what a buzz, well done....

  5. I am sure every word is gratifying and blesses you with honor. Merry Christmas, Mary helen

  6. Thanks so much! All your kind words lift me up! hopefully we can all keep inspiring each other and growing creatively through our highs and lows and into the year ahead.

    xo judy

  7. I can see your beautiful smile in the photo. I agree with the other comments - you are an amazing artist and even more amazing woman. Happy Holidays Judy!

  8. Congratulations Judy! Google translate does a fairly decent job of translating the words literally if you are curious as to what they are saying about you. The photos are beautiful! Keep up the good work!


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