Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Folk Art Inspired Ornament

What you're going to need

4" square Walnut Hollow aluminum and cardboard from package
embossing tool
ribbon for hanging
red paint
paint brush
decorative craft scissors
paper scissors
hole punch
E-6000 glue or similar adhesive
Adirondack alcohol inks and blending solution (optional)

Click on the heart image to open a full size jpg on another web page. Drag image onto your desktop and print heart design so that it fits on a  4" square (on point, measure on the diagonal).  Trace outline onto the 4" cardboard square that came in the aluminum package. Cut it out and paint it red on both sides. Punch a small hole for the hanging ribbon in the top.

Center line drawing over the 4" metal square and trace the small heart, this will lightly emboss the heart on the metal.

Using decorative edge craft scissors cut just outside the embossed line.

Glue metal heart to cardboard with E-6000 or similar strong multipurpose adhesive, it may need 24 hours to dry completely. Then emboss decorative designs on the metal, I prefer using a nylon tipped tool for this.

Draw the design of your choice on the paper heart, place over the metal and trace the design so that it transfers to the metal.

Go over the lines with the embossing tool to add more depth to the design and add more decorative details.

You could stop here with a silver embossed design or add color with Adirondack Alcohol inks.

Use Alcohol blending solution instead of water to lighten colors, rehydrate the inks on your palette (because they dry very quickly) and clean your brush between colors.

Thread ribbon through the hole and tie it for hanging.

Tomorrow be sure to see Kelli Nina Perkins Whimsical Spool Garland, you know it's going to be fun and colorful!

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  1. Love your work, folksy and vintage with modern flair.

  2. Very cool! I have some aluminum at home so I can try this! It won't look this good but for a first try, I am hoping it won't be bad!

  3. Oooh .. I love this!!

  4. Thank you Judy! As always, you have inspired me to try something different! A trip to the craft store was on the schedule and I've added the inks to the list. Thanks again!

  5. Beautiful!
    Thank you!

  6. So pretty!

    ... is this the same metal that can be sewn into? Do i need a certain needle to do that? I saw your post where the plastic feet cause a problem. Any other tips you wanna share? =-)
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. Great looking piece of nostalgia. I will try this with some of the thin metal that I have. I don't think I will draw the design, probably use my cuttlebug and a folder. Thanks for showing

  8. Wendy, This is the same metal I sew on and I don't change to a special needle when doing it, any needle should work, but if you are concerned use a top stitch needle. For heavier metals like the copper, I would use a top stitch needle or a titanium needle (which is what I use for all my sewing anyways) and not all machines will sew on the copper its too hard for some. The machine needs metal gears inside (like a Bernina or Pfaff) I have a Janome that wont sew through it, but it also won't sew through two pieces of canvas.

  9. Thank you Judy!


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