Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Paper and Paint

My daughter Nina gave me a lovely sketch/scrap book made with banana fiber pages. I love the speckled natural color of the paper. I really want to spend more time drawing, I used to be really good about keeping sketchbooks. Funny how once kids came into the picture, that sort of slipped away. I want to get back in the habit of drawing for the sake of drawing and not just when I want to design a quilt.  

I like the way the drawings look on this paper, but I found that it is not the best for paint. I think it's too absorbent and soft, so it is not as easy to move the paint around on the surface of the paper. I persevered though, using opaque watercolors to paint the images.

I will end this post with todays Oprah siting. Mayor Daley held a press conference outside to announce that he renamed the section of Carpenter street between our loft building and Harpo studios "Oprah Winfrey Way".

photos taken from my 5th floor balcony

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  1. Your banana paper looks smoother than some I got many years ago in Bali. Love the 'famous' photos & beats standing down on street level!


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