Monday, April 18, 2011

A little Inspiration at the Art Institute

Saturday my friends Frieda Anderson and Laura Wasilowski picked up my daughter Nina and I on their way to the Art Institute for a meet up with other midwest SAQA members. The plan was to see the current textile exhibit, but I was sidetracked by the amazing exhibit titled Kings, Queens and Courtiers: Art in Early Renaissance France. It was a fabulous exhibit of paintings, sculptures, manuscripts and tapestries. I love this period of art, renaissance manuscripts and tapestries were the inspiration for this quilt

Oh Deer, Look What's Become of Me

Seeing all of those beautiful paintings makes me want to paint!

At noon we met up in the cafeteria for a bit of lunch and a meeting.

What a great day!


  1. Get out the paints, Judy!!!

  2. Did you ever read the book by Tracy Chevalier - The Girl and the Unicorn - it's takes you into the mid-evil world of the tapestry artist and their guilds - - - it so connects their work to their life; and gives a new meaning to the color blue - - - you'll understand when you read it.

  3. I did read that book several years ago and loved reading about the lives of the weavers.

  4. Thanks for the book title. I'll check it out.
    And thanks for a grat day at the Art Institute, Judy. It's always fun to gather a bunch of textile artists together. Although it was hard to get a work in edgewise.

  5. you look so lovely in your blue accessories!


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