Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Preparing for my first teaching gig of the year

After living in Chicago for 5 years, I feel bad admitting, I have not seen very much of the mid west, If I am not getting on a plane to some distant location, I am usually trying to get in a little bit of time to make new work and playing catch up for my next teaching gig. So I welcome opportunities that get me out to see other parts of the mid west.

Now, I am getting ready for my first teaching trip of the year with the Ann Arbor Quilt Guild next month. I have never been to Ann Arbor but I have always heard such great things about it, so I am really looking forward to my visit.

On Friday March 18, I'll be teaching Tea and Ephemera which is a fun introduction to multiple mixed media techniques, incorporating tea bags, printed abaca paper, paint sticks and more.

Saturday I am giving a lecture on Inspiration and Sunday I am teaching Fiesta Ornaments. I've been told there are still a few spots left.

This is a really fun class with painting on fabric instruction, an opportunity to sew aluminum craft metal and do some decorative embossing. An added bonus in this class is each student gets an embossing tool courtesy of Walnut Hollow. Click here to see some of the awesome ornaments students have made in other classes.


  1. Love looking at your pieces... Have done some free painting,, but want to get back to it.. love the inks, thank you for sharing.. This year going to Paducah.. maybe next year will make it to Houston... hope I can catch one of your classes some time... vivian

  2. Hi Vivian,

    Have fun in Paducah, I still haven't been to that show. If you want to take a class with me sometime a little closer to home, I will be teaching in southern California this summer. I'll be teaching a three day painting retreat in Idyllwild near palm springs in July


    and also a couple classes in Long Beach at International Quilt Festival.

  3. just watched you on a new episode of quilting arts. inspiring.

  4. I own many of Judy's Fiesta Ornaments and would LOVE to be able to take that class.


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