Friday, December 10, 2010

I want to introduce you to Cindy Shake

from Anchorage, Alaska. Cindy is an artist and designer currently working in metal sculpture and fiber art design.

Cindy and I became blog friends a year or two ago after she revealed herself to be another lover of squid, while she was working on these gorgeous wall sculptures combining her metal and clay work.

Don't you love this flock of "Steel Wool" sheep!

The Raven, a symbol of creator and trickster in the mythology of the native Americans from the Pacific Northwest, pops up on occasion in Cindy's work.  I think these carved clay images are so beautiful.

Cindy also works in fabric, designing and making bold and graphic art quilts and she has recently created a new line of art quilt patterns called Raven & Friends.

If you would like a chance to get a couple of Cindy's new patterns, leave a comment and next Monday I’ll let a random number generator choose two lucky winners. 

Visit Cindy's blog and see all the amazing projects she's working on.


  1. Happy Holidays, Judy! And thanks for sharing about Cindy. I'm headed over to her blog right now. (Love those Ravens.) Stay warm and have a creative weekend.

  2. I love this work! Delightful...

    Must tell you that you've created a monster: I made lots of felted pumpkins, then moved on to snowmen (very fussy to make, at least for me), and now too many ornaments! I'm having fun with these--thanks for the instruction and inspiration.

  3. We can't keep Cindy an Alaskan secret, can we? She's amazing, and her blog "introduced me" to your blog! Your work is beautiful. Thanks!!

  4. I've been doing a series on crows lately, and would love to see her patterns. Thanks for the giveaway. And Happy Holidays Judy. Judy Sebastian

  5. You and Cindy both so inspirational artist, thanks for sharing your work.

  6. Hey Judy! Thanks for the chance to win a pattern and also for introducing a fellow artist. Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season.

  7. Here in OZ we have crows, every so oten I rescue a youngster who has fallen from a nest in rough weather, they then bring their whole succesion of famlies to eat the cats food, much to his horror I love all the black corvines would like to go in the draw.

  8. Thank you for sharing Cindy's work and her blog. I love the sheep! The ravens are beautiful. Thank you for the chance to win one of her patterns!

  9. I love her art. Such a unique view point. I would really love to see her patterns

  10. How cute are those sheep! I am off to check out her blog.

  11. Thanks for introducing Cindy. I would love the raven patterns and would be a perfect gift to make for a quilting friend. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Always love your work and the work of others that you recommend.
    Thanks for being an inspiration!


  13. I really like the wooly sheep! Thanks for sharing Cindy with us.


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