Friday, September 04, 2009

Lunch with the CSOF and IL/WI SAQA reps

Yesterday my friend Trish Williams and I drove out to the burbs to have lunch with Laura Wasilowski, Frieda Anderson, Anne Lullie and Emily Parson. Laura, Frieda and Trish are the new Illinois/Wisconsin SAQA reps., so it was part meeting and part social time. Most of us haven't seen each other since spring, you would think we would all see each other a little more often but with everyone's busy schedules it's hard to find a time when everyone is in the same place at the same time.

Laura's birdhouse and hollyhocks taken with Toy Camera iphone app.


  1. Very lovely~~all you birds of a feather are lined up near the bird house.

    And how lucky for all of you to live so close. I just joined SAQA, and was invited to a meeting here in Ontario, but it is 5 hours away. I might consider it if I wasn't working that day!

  2. Neat photographs. :D


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