Friday, March 27, 2009

Flora: Copper & Canvas Book

I will give a brief description of the materials used on each page. On the first page there are leaves cut and painted from a phone book page with a leaf cut from a leftover of my mixed media quilt Illustrated Document No. 1.
Sprout painted with textile paint on fabric, next page black and white tissue paper and left overs from a mixed media vessel.
Collaged, painted paper overlapped by painted flower on the canvas.
A piece of rust dyed silk organza from Jane LaFazio that I drew floral images on with a permanent marker.
Dark tea stained tea bag drawn on with permanent marker.
Another leaf from the vessel, black and white tissue paper and colored art papers.
Tea bag drawn on with a red marker collaged over a paper image. Painted leaves and a strange bug I created in photoshop printed on paper with some washes of acrylic paint.
Old engravings on paper, painted with fluid acrylics and leaves cut from painted fabric leftovers.

The end.

I will be working on the metal for the next book in Open Studios at Quilt Festival, so you will have to wait to see the next one.


  1. Drawing on organza! Great idea; adds pages; not bulk & gives a lovely 'collage' feel over the other pages! You are the WoMan!

  2. Thanks for the page-by-page (almost as good as seeing it in person!) Again, a really lovely little project.

  3. judy, this is beautiful! i don't know much about bookbinding but your method of attaching the metal cover is so clever. love all your teabag paper drawings & the organza one too. you're endlessly creative! wish i was coming to festival to see in person.

  4. Beautiful and so good to see it in such detail.

  5. I can hardly wait to see you and your wonderful projects in Chicago! Our booth is really close Make It U. Frieda and I will be bugging you often.

  6. I can hardly wait, it will be lovely hanging out with you.


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