Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tired? get your B12 checked

Who knew a little B12 could make a person feel so good. I found out recently that I have really low B12 levels categorized as anemia. I thought my low energy was because of my thyroid (Hashimotos disease). It is odd since I am not a vegetarian, evidently it has taken years for my B12 levels to get this low. I think it must have been such a gradual decline that it was hard to realize that it was happening. The hematologist still do not know why my body is not absorbing it from my food, but at least Pernicious Anemia has been ruled out. The important thing to know is low B12 can lead to depression, nerve damage and cause some really bad health problems if not taken care of. I want to encourage anyone who has very low energy to get their B12 checked.


  1. Anonymous8:41 PM

    I had the same thing. I went to the doctor because I lost feeling in my feet which is a symptom of diabetes. Unfortunately, that hasn't come back, neuropathy is a side effect of low B-12, but the B12 shots made me feel better and boosted my energy too. Must be something with the thyroid, I take that too.

  2. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Hi Judy!
    Thanks for the reminder...I have been really exhausted and the thyroid test came back in the good range for me. I am going to start taking those B-vitamins today.

  3. Judy, you don't by any chance take anything for acid reflux, do you? I've been on Prilosec for years, and just found out that this will prevent your body from taking B-12 from food. The first sign for me was that my lips tingled--how strange is that? Anyway, once I started taking supplements, my lips and hands stopped tingling, my aching shoulder felt better, and I had much more energy!

  4. I very rarely take antacids. Usually i try baking soda or ginger first if i need something. On the list of potential reasons for low B12, none of them make sense for me. I am wondering if there is a direct link with autoimmune diseases. Either it being the cause or them causing it.

  5. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Hi Judy.If they can`t find the reason for the low B12 levels,you might have to look at coeliacs disease.Its also a form of autoimmune disease where the body breaks down intestinal tissue when eating Gluten (in wheat etc.)This can also cause a very low B12 level.
    Donata ("lurker"from the Netherlands)


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