Thursday, November 29, 2007

Little Paintings

6" x 6"


  1. Anonymous7:13 PM

    I love the paintings. they are quite extraordinary.

  2. Anonymous9:29 PM

    The mushroom is my favorite of those little ones yet!
    ...I have been admiring your art (from your blog) for quite a while.

  3. I LOVE all of this series -- and have enjoyed seeing them all - but I have to admit to a fondness for the mushroom one too ! They need to be in children's book ...

  4. Your Blog is a pleasure to behold!
    I am always amazed at your creativity & output...Very inspiring. Those ornaments are "simply" shiny and fun, unique .I will go out soon and get the new quilting Arts--I was just trying to come up w/ fun idea for family Xmas gifts; [And easily shippable/( best part)]
    Happy Holidays!
    Anne L

  5. Thanks! I am pretty fond of the little red mushroom too.

    I will keep posting a few more paintings over the next couple days.

  6. I've been enjoying seeing these little paintings as they emerge, but you know this is my favorite!!!!

  7. I was thinking about all those adorable little red mushrooms you’ve posted.


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