Monday, February 05, 2007

Quilting So Far

I have outline quilted all the animals, tree, leaves and pomegranates. Now I am beginning to quilt the black background. The black on black quilting is very easy to see on the quilt but unfortunately it does not photograph well. So I am posting a small picture of how the quilt looks in reality and then a big picture that shows the quilting.


  1. Magnificent! Gosh it looks good and the quilting makes it even more the visual feast.

  2. This is one stunning work! I love that you have shown it from its beginnings.

  3. Yes it is stunning. Are you going to quilt in the animals at all?

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

    After I quilt all the black i will go back and see what animals look like they need a little quilting to help with any buckling in the fabric that is happening. I have done some minor details like quilt the leg to define it from the body or around the head or ear on the animals, but I would like to avoid the all over quilting.

  5. Love seeing this develop as you show us the steps. Thanks for that! It is going to be spectacular!

  6. Good stuff! A really unique style and look. And thanks for describing your method of working. I learned a lot from it.

  7. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Stunning is a powerful word yet inadequate to describe your work! Does the painting make the quilting more difficult?

  8. Thankyou. Usually the painting does not make the quilting more difficult for me, but i may just be used to it. I have noticed with this particular quilt that the fabric is a little stiffer. I think it may be the nature of the opaque paints. I have not noticed this so much with the transparent and metallic paints.

    So the difficult part comes when you can not make a mistake because the needle leaves noticable holes in the cloth.This quilt also seems to get creases easier than some of the other quilts I have made. Again this could be the opaque paint. but i also used a different fabric with this one, it is a tight weave that is a little lighter weight, which may be slightly more prone to wrinkle.


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