Saturday, November 18, 2006


What is it about rules that make us want to break them. Rules can be very limiting or totally inspiring. The new rule in the International Quilt Festival World of Beauty contest is “no sharps” meaning nothing sharp on a quilt, due to barbed wire being on a quilt a year ago. And as many of you know our group quilt Fauna, done before the rule change, was rejected from this show because it had copper wire on it. You can see the gorgeous panel that caused the problems here.

I guess it must be my natural rebellious nature that when some one says something is not allowed, especially when it comes to making art -specifically quilt related- I want to do it. My head has been spinning with ideas of more ways to incorporate metal with quilting. I think about the potentially great quilts that would not be eligible because of this rule, and I want to make them, as an example of what they will be missing.

I understand the reasons for this rule: insurance, special handling during judging and hanging, but unfortunately it is also limiting to the possibilities of new and different art. Without changing ideas, techniques and imagery, it all begins to look the same, it looses its energy and is no longer exciting. It becomes just another quilt show.

You probably won't be seeing this in Houston.

This is an 8" square of copper screen with painted Lutradur stitched to it. The embossed metal house has open doors to reveal a 2" x 3" painting that is machine quilted.

It can also stand up on a flat surface.


  1. Wonderful, Judy!
    You know I love all that sharp stuff, since it was my sharps that gone Fauna eliminated. I need to get cracking on my own dangerous quilts.

  2. these are absolutly wonderful! I like the term 'dangerous quilts'! what a great exhibit that would make. This is just one more example of why the quilt shows are so limiting to quilt art. So that said...where oh where are the galleries that would be so perfect for this kind of work? I know they must be out there somewhere. Once again Judy, your work shines.

  3. Judy, these are beautiful, and that rule stinks. Can't the judges just be careful! Sometimes rules are meant to be broken...of course, if they won't jury you quilt in beacause of that, that's terrible!!

    I think with any new way to do art, there has to be a fight!

  4. Awesome! I love it when you're rebellious!!
    Sister Deb

  5. And Houston will be the poorer for it! Maybe with their new caegory for embellished quilts they need to look at their rules afresh?
    And BTW - how's that gorgeous little dawglet Abbey of yours doing ?

  6. That's a shame, as it's a cool piece. Love the open doorways. Here's to quilting danger and excitement!

  7. These panels are just beautiful!


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