Friday, June 23, 2006

Houston Rule Changes

Well International Quilt Festival changed the entry rules this year and now the group quilt we have been working on may no longer be eligible. It says quilts with sharp embellishments that need extra care, will not be accepted. Our newest group quilt, Fauna, with panels by Frances Alford, Julie Upshaw, Vickie Hallmark, Kathy York and myself is really incredible, one of our best. Vickie's panel has a cactus on it with metal wires for spines. The spines add a wonderful element that none of us want to sacrafice. In my opinion, The International Quilt Festival in Houston is the best show to enter with so many art quilt categories. It is such a bummer we may not be able to enter this quilt, I think it could do really well. Besides the fact that for the first time in five years I don't have a quilt to enter myself.


  1. That's a big bummer! Maybe it just means it's destined for something even bigger. I loved talking about your other Fauna quilt with Deb when I was in Maine. And now I'm here in Texas and I can chat with Julie about the new quilt. Wild.

  2. So sorry to hear about this rule change. The quilt sounds wonderful. I do hope that you will be able to show it elsewhere. Once again I am reminded that venues for art quilts are few and far between. I just wandered through the evanston, Il fountain square art fair and there were no quilt In fiber it was all about painted silk scarves and ties or clothes. one exhibit with boiled wool handbags and one batik artist. In an area like this it just saddens me. Karen

  3. Judy.... you and your group are SO good, and have done so well at the IQA, that I think you should write to Karey and Crystal B. and let them know that the "no sharp stuff" thing has prevented you from entering your best work yet.

    I know that Houston is incredibly careful in their handling of quilts, and I am totally prepared to accept that minor damage may occur in shipping and handling, and am more than willing to sign a waiver to that effect.

    I would like to see Houston amend the rules so that we can include some "sharp" (as in, not sharp like a knife, but copper sheeting bits like the leaves on my autumn quilt or the wires on your quilt) as long as the entrants sign a waiver for damage to those items or because of them being on the piece.

    Houston has been the pinnacle for a lot of us for years, and a major booster of art quilts, and this development is REALLY a big, nasty wet blanket. I'd love to see it modified, and I think you and your group have the clout for them to listen even more than they usually do.



  4. Another thought... call Crystal and ASK her if the wire spines are OK. She called me about the sticks on my Earth and Turquoise entry. I knew they were verbotten, but told her I'd take my chances on it getting in, and if it does I'll replace the reall wood branches / sticks with cloth ones. She accepted that I could /would do this, and is letting my entry stay in the "live" pile. You *might* be able to enter your quilt anyway... at any rate, it can't hurt to try!

    Cheers, Sarah


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