Saturday, December 03, 2005

A perfect evening!

I am loving Chicago. Tonight the kids went downstairs in our building and got themselves subway sandwiches for dinner and my husband and I went out for a date. We walked a few blocks to a taqueria called de cero. When we left Los Angeles we thought we were leaving good Mexican food behind. But not so! We had fabulous tacos with fresh tomatillo salsa, my husband had a couple shots of different tequilas and I had a chelada (a corona on ice with a twist of lime and salted rim) I am not a big fan of beer, but this was great. We finished with a warm brownie topped with ice cream. Yum! Then we walked home with snow falling. A perfect evening!


  1. I have always loved Chicago. Great city, fabulous atmosphere...but COLD (brrrr) in the winter and hot in the summer! :-) Absolutely fantastic atmosphere tho!

  2. Chicago's such a great city! Your meal sounds fantastic (and is making me hungry now, lol!)

  3. hello!
    Saw your feature in the quilt mag!! I recognized your photo!. Found you through Emily's blog. One of our guild members goes to the PAQA meetings. I think she is in Florida now. Anyway ...welcome to the Midwest!!!I live in NW Indiana very close to New Buffalo MI and Lake MI. Used to work in Chicago....I aspire to the Dairy Barn ....someday!! Glad to have found you and my apologies for the Midwest winters!LOL!


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