Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Micro Car Museum

I am thrilled each time I see another Smart car on the road here in Chicago. I really think the American car companies need to take a look at these cool cars for some inspiration. One would hope the last 20+ years of monstrously over-sized gas guzzling vehicles are coming to an end. Gas is $4.49 in my neighborhood today and they say it is still going up until September. With options like some of these cute vehicles at the Micro Car Museum I bet more people would downsize.


  1. Hi Judy... petrol here in Australia is the equivalent of $5.80 a gallon. I'm glad I got a second hand Prius last year. I figure that it is saving me more than $1,000 a year in fuel costs compared with my previous car, a Subaru.

    The New York Times has an interesting article today with a map showing the US States where people pay the highest proportion of their income in gas costs... although gas is more expensive in California, it is the SE states and Mid West states where people pay the highest proportion of their income on gas.

    Times are changing... and we will be part of it.

  2. gas has been the highest in Chicago for some time. Living most of my life in California, I think California has it bad because everyone has a huge commute to work there. Tonight on the news they said gas may soon go to $7. That is really going to crush the US economy even further.

    We don't need terrorists, the middle east is doing a good job getting the upper hand on the west through our dependency on their oil. Thanks to our oil industry government leaders who also benefit from these prices, while the countries economy goes to pot. It is soooo frustrating.


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