Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Beautiful Rust

This was the back end of a truck parked in the neighborhood. Gorgeous color palette, I love the bubbly texture and layers of chipped metal.


  1. Don't you LOVE those colors! My husband and I did some rust dyeing yesterday evening...I'll post some pics tomorrow...beautiful color and textures!

  2. the colors are beautiful. We have a lot of vw buses with rust and beautiful patina on them.

  3. Our mothers would have died had they gotten rust spots on sheets and shirts from clothespins---now we go looking for it to add :}

  4. wow! i wont look at rust the same again :-) on kauai everything rusted, even stainless steel so you just tried to ignore it.its nice to finally wear out a rotary cutting blade instead of accidently leaving out overnight and having it rust.

  5. and this is why, just when i think i am over rust, i find i just need to do one more... and then just one more.....


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