Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Love Looking at Bugs

When my son was little he adored bugs. For him, moving to Texas was like taking up residence in an exotic zoo. Every day there was an encounter with something new to put in his bug box and study. There is so much variety in the shapes, colors and textures that insects come in, I admit to being fascinated too.

This bee looks so velvety and soft, I want to pet it.
I love the metallic jewel like sheen of beetles. One Christmas, I gave my little sister a gorgeous colorful beetle carapace that had been turned into a pin. I thought it was a cool and original gift. Evidently she did not have the same appreciation and was slightly repulsed, lol. I would have worn it. It just shows, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


  1. I like looking at that kind of beetle too, they are like hummingbirds, different colors, different directions. My daughter used to 'pet' bumble bees. She was always so careful, but once she got stung, as the saying goes, that did it. No. More. Bee Petting. I loved to watch her hold them.

  2. Victorian ladies used to have live colorful beetles tied by a tiny chain to their clothing as a Living Jewel. There is a lovely book of beetles (it's one of my favorites) called Living Jewels by Paul Beckman. Have your seen it? The pictures are fabulous.

    I think your gift was very unique...but you are right ... not everyone appreciates the lowly beetle even the most exotic.

    Rhode Island

  3. Judy: If you love bugs, check out Jennifer Angus and her insect installations. She was teaching surface design at Arrowmont when Debbi and I were there.


    Can't wait to see you in August!

    xoxo cheryl

  4. my son is a bug freak too. He loves them , collected them in his bug box. LOL. I am drawn to bugs also for some reason. Love bug fabric. Just bought some bug fabric to make a purse out of.

  5. i've got a necklace with a real beetle, and everyone comments on it, saying how pretty it is; i think a lot of people would have been chuffed to get such a present.


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