Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thread and chihuahuas don't mix

This is what happens when a chihuahua finds a spool of thread that has dropped on the floor. She tugs on the top of the spool creating a lovely flower effect, she never eats any thread just makes a mess of it.

This is what happens when you have a son with the mind of an engineer.

This has happened a few times before. I usually end up unwinding half the spool into the trash, because the thread no longer comes off the spool properly on the sewing machine.


  1. gotta love those engineering minds!

  2. oo dog textile art :}

  3. Donna Keller4:41 PM

    If you could get that thread off the spool looking like it looks now, it might just be the start of a great art piece!

  4. I have chihuahua, but he has never done that. Cool looking though.

  5. Could son add some kind of sliding piece to guide the thread from one end of the spool to the other, so it doesn't stack up in the middle? Our garden hose container has a contraption like that. Of course, he's brilliant anyway... I'm just offering an additional challenge.

    Loving all your urban photography!

  6. Oh no! Bad doggie! :) My westie makes it his mission to try to throw himself across whatever I'm working on so I have to stop and pay attention to him. I keep telling him he is lucky he's so darn cute! LOL! :)

  7. An artistic dog :) I quite like the flower effect!

  8. simply amazing.

    the dog is an artist and your son is brilliant.

  9. It makes my day when my children show problem solving skills! I don't have a chihuahua but I've never had much trouble dropping my spools behind the desk and making birds nests all on my own!


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