Sunday, July 13, 2008

I Must Have Another...

Must Have Cardigan. I made this sweater two years ago with Knitpicks Shine worsted cotton cream yarn. I made a size large thinking that would be the right size for me. Well, it came out lovely and BIG. It is such a classic sweater style. It was fun to knit, and the yarn is so soft. I want another sweater just like it, with a better fit. So I am going to knit another one in a smaller size in Shine worsted black.

I always like to have some knitting project going. Knitting is my form of relaxation.

In the mean time I am using the leftover cotton yarn from my first sweater to knit a couple washcloths until my new yarn arrives later in the week.


  1. good grief, you are so talented! i can't knit to save my life. my mom was a knitter and she tried so hard to teach me, but i just couldn't get the tension right. i'm so impatient by nature...

  2. I love all my knitted washclothes! Great gift ideas also.I knit at ball games...

  3. Love the cardigan. Could you post the pattern number. Would love to knit one like it.

    I have to have several knitting/quilting projects going at one time--I never know what I'll be in the mood to work on.


  4. if you click on the "Must Have Cardigan" link at the beginning of my post it will take you to the Patons website with all the info.


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