Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Surplice Lace Top

Pattern: Surplice Lace Top by Gayle Bunn: medium: US 6, 2 & 4
: Elann Den-M-Nit Pure Dark Indigo Cotton

The pattern called for knitting a front, back and three pieces for the top. I knit this in the round in one piece only seaming the shoulders and setting in the sleeves. I hate sewing seams in sweaters, I don't do a very good job of it, so I try to figure ways around it when I can.

I used size 6 needles for the lace section and knit an extra row of pattern to make it a little longer. I knit 3/4 of the top in size 6, then tried it on and found it was way too big. Sorry Deb, you aren't getting this one! I guess when I knit with cotton I tend to knit looser and so my gauge gets out of whack. I needed the top to be about 4 inches smaller around so I ripped down to the top of the lace section. I reknit the band on size 2 needles and I knit the top on size 4 needles. I knit the sleeves on 4’s but they were too small. So I knit two more sleeves on size 5 needles. The overall fit is good. I could have used another inch in length to the top portion but it looks ok. It may have shrunk a little in the washing, it said to estimate 10-15% in length.

The blue dye from this yarn rubs off a lot on your hands when knitting because it is heavily dyed on the outside with a white core, the way denim is dyed.. After the sweater was finished I washed it on delicate with two rinses using synthrapol to help get as much loose dye out as possible. The color of the yarn did not change that much but it did start to get a little of the speckling and irregularity of color that one sees in denim. I look forward to seeing it age, like a good pair of dark jeans.


  1. What a great pattern - and I love the color. Great job always I should add !

  2. judy,

    do you ever sleep?

    you are one productive woman! this is beautiful.

  3. Patsy Thompson10:44 PM

    I am trying to email you but can't find an email address or a "contact us" link on your website/blog. Could you please email me with your address?

  4. Patsy, my blog does not give me email links so I can't email you. But you can get a link to my email by clicking on the View my complete profile under my picture.

  5. Its beautiful! You are one of my knitting inspirations. :) I just learned to knit socks and maybe one day I'll work up the nerve to do a sweater or pretty top like this.

  6. Thanks Lynn, I learned to knit socks about 4 years ago, my first pair had one foot about an inch shorter than the other, lol. If you finished socks you are on your way. It is probably as many stitches as a sweater, its all just on smaller needles.


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