Friday, July 04, 2008


This is what happens when you quilt a big quilt and your table has too much stuff on it. Argh!


  1. a table with too much stuff on it?

    where is that magic worktable that doesn't fill immediately with the clutter of daily life? still haven't found one.

    but now what we really want to know is, what does the other side of this big quilt look like?

  2. Sorry, you'll have to wait until its done.

  3. At least you didnt quilt the other corner of the quilt to itself...nuff said.

  4. omg! that is funny! at least it looks like it will tear away easily, that is not a cut i see it there?!!

  5. Karen, been there, done that, lol

    Susan, no cut, it did tear away fairly easily, but there is an area where there were four layers of paper stacked up so when I tore out the paper the thread was loose. So I will have to rip out and re-quilt that area.

  6. Bummer! don't you just hate that?

  7. I am so glad to see that photo evidence that I am not the only One who gets into my quilting so much i do not notice much else!
    Thanks Judy!


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