Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sunlight through a quilt in progress

Recently I mentioned, I have a large quilt in progress in the quilting stage. Today my son went under the table to plug something in and called out to me that my quilt looked really cool with sunlight glowing through it and I should come and see. This is what it looked like.

This is what the back of the quilt looks like in reality. Black fabric quilted with black and white thread.Seeing it with the light coming though was pretty cool, it looks pretty different from that on the front, interesting possibilities...


  1. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Your quilting is beautiful..Looks just as good on the back as I'm sure it does on the front.... Double bang for your buck!! Lx

  2. That does look really cool!!

  3. that's wild. Gorgeous quilting.

  4. Ahh! Judy so lovely - is it neon thread you are using as well?

  5. No it is just white, but when the sunlight came through the quilt it just glowed.

  6. That is amazing!. The sun shows the true beauty of it.

    Even without the sun that is a beautiful quilt!

  7. After looking at this sunlit part for a few days, it's finally dawning on me what the right side of this quilt must look like. And I'm totally amazed at the thought of your black & white wholecloth concept. Thanks for sharing a peek at this...looking forward to the eventual full "reveal"!

    You quilt on a regular sewing machine, not a longarm, yes? Maybe someday you'll have some tips for free motion, I feel so clumsy whenever I try it. (Probably it's mostly my innate impatience with practicing...)

  8. He's's way cool. So, Judy, are you self taught on machine quilting?

  9. Beauiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can hardly wait to see the front. Bet the back gives you ideas for a future front, huh??

  10. LuAnne, my latest machine is a Janome 6600. This is the first big thing i have quilted on it. I love the bigger space under the arm. Frieda Anderson just had a couple articles on free motion quilting in quilting arts. My best advice is practice, one of these days I will write up a post on some of the things I find helpful.

    Vicky, I am self taught, that is probably why I still get critical remarks from judges on my stops and starts, lol.

    Vickie, thanks, you hit the nail on the head,it did make me stop and think. Perfect example of where inspiration sometimes comes from, and how one idea can lead to another.


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