Friday, September 28, 2007

An Experimental Structure

I started out with a piece of white fabric and began randomly gluing some technical illustrations of cicadas down with Golden gel medium. I then covered the surface of the fabric with metallic textile paints and glazed the line drawings with Golden fluids. When there was no more white fabric showing through I began to paint tree branches and leaves by painting the gold background. For a long time I was very unhappy with the look of the piece it seemed like nothing I did would improve it. I did really like portions of the painting but not the whole. This is when the light bulb went off and I decided to cut it up and make it into a three dimensional structure. Something that has been on my mind for some time to do anyway.
I drew a house template on paper and cut out the pieces from the painting. I fused these onto peltex choosing a dark blue hand dyed fabric for the back. I decided to put the photos of the cicadas on the inside of the house with windows to peek through on the front. This would put the photos of the cicadas in a dark environment like they come out of. They crawl out of the ground, split out of their shells often at night and fly up into the trees.
Then I began stitching details. Not too much quilting, just enough to add interest and sparkle. I think there has been an emphasis on excessive quilting the last few years. I think there needs to be balance. Besides if there is too much quilting it covers up all the painting.

I still have some stitching to do on two of the panels and then I will have to decide how I am going to put the thing together. I have a couple ideas. When I was designing this I didn't think about the technical challenges a 20" tall house might create. It might be hard to stick my arm up inside to sew the roof on. Maybe I will hinge it.


  1. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Holy moly....You are so amazing....Awesome idea.....Brilliant solution....Thanks once again for sharing your wonderful ideas!


  2. Can I come live with you, Judy? I could be your apprentice!! I love your's looking great so far! Can't wait to see how you finally put it together. Too cool (as always)!!

  3. I think that cicadas sound like an alien spacecraft is hovering overhead. And we all know what that sounds like....well, Tom Cruise does anyway.

    The house is gorgeous, Judy. Makes me want to break out of my shell and quilt, but only once every 17 years, you know what I mean?

  4. What a wonderful idea! I love the whole inside-outside contrast and can't wait to see it when you get it done. I've always wanted to make some three-dimensional objects with quilts, esp. after seeing Kay Kahn's work, but I've never really worked out an idea that would merit the structure. You however are really onto something good!


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