Saturday, September 08, 2007

Packing for QATV

Looks like someone does not want to be left behind on this trip. When ever we put our shoes on she gets in her carrier. And when the suitcases come out, she gets in those.


  1. Bad dog. You wouldn't think he could do so much damage.

  2. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Hello Judy! I am a big fan of your site/work and am looking forward to seeing you on QATV...good luck and keep us updated!

  3. "Don't forget to pack me, too, Mom!!"

  4. Oh she's so cute, must break your heart to leave her behind. My dog gets frantic at the sound of zippers zipping, because there's always a lot of that when I pack and repack and repack!

    BTW, I took way too much stuff, so my repacking was not very smart!

  5. Dying to hear how your taping went. Drop me a line and tell me EVERYTHING. I'll be in my trailer.

  6. Anonymous5:11 AM

    She's a real cute mother has 3 of them and my daughter wants one of her own..akina

  7. Anonymous10:26 PM

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