Monday, September 17, 2007

A collaboration piece

A talented friend of mine is writing a book with another wonderfully talented gal. These brilliant women asked my sister Deb and I to submit a collaboration piece for the gallery section of their new book. I am beginning the collaboration by creating the base, this is a detail of what I have done.

I had such a blast doing this, it is very loosely painted compared to most of my work. I started with a piece of plain fabric and collaged a page from the phone book, some sewing pattern tissue and a few old black and white engravings then randomly added textile paint. I drew a branch with a black marker and grabbed the pearl paint painting big flowers by covering the background around them. I loosely drew details on the flowers with a black pen and cut out leaves from colored papers and glued them on with gel medium. Then I stitched around everything on the sewing machine. It was so much fun to work in a spontaneous fashion with only a vague idea of what I was going to end up with.

I will now send this to my sister to work her magic with further embellishing and altering.


  1. wild, man, wild. When I first looked at it I thought the white was interfacing. I went back and forth several times, between large and small images, to look at different areas. I like it.

  2. this looks like such fun! You have been doing so many really interesting things lately!

  3. So interesting. It's super fresh. I love it. Deb will be equally inspiring too, I'm sure.

  4. Anonymous5:01 AM

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  5. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Any chance you have photos of those steps? The look is fantastic...Can't wait to see the second phase done by your sister. Thank you so much for your more than generous sharing of ideas!


  6. Oh wow, this looks gorgeous!

  7. Susan I do not have any photos. I had no idea how this was going to come out and was kind of flying by the seat of my pants on this.

    My sister now has it in her hands and I saw a photo yesterday of some of her embellishing. She has added birds and eggs and has plans for some embroidery, beads and vintage sequins.


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