Thursday, September 06, 2007

Finished Socks

These are the Clessidra stockings you can find the pattern on I used Knitpicks Bare - Merino Wool/ Silk, fingering weight yarn. I thought knitting knee socks might be tedious, but these were great. The patterning of the cables kept it interesting all the way to the toes.

These are the Embossed leaves from Interweave Winter 2005, you can also find this pattern here. The top one is blocked. I wanted a lighter weight sock, so I used two strands of Knitpicks Shadow. It is a very nice feeling sock.


  1. The knee highs are just great. They remind me of being a school girl. All your'll need is a pleated skirt...or would that be overdoing it? :-) Just love them.

  2. Love your blog! It is so inspiring. Your work is just amazingly beautiful. Your "Tree of Life" just took my breath away.
    Just wanted to know that I will visit often...

  3. Those are some beautiful socks, I am jealous, I only knit plain ones.


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