Saturday, November 07, 2009

SOFA and Ellen

Friday morning I went to two wonderful textile themed lectures at SOFA. The first one Fiber Art: Expressions & Aesthetics, Part I: fiber artists Marcia Docter, C. Pazia Mannella, Carol B. Shinn and Barbara Lee Smith share their ideas and inspirations.

Barbara Lee Smith

Carol Shinn

The second was Fiber Art: Expressions and Aesthetics, Part II: Fiber artists Jon Eric Riis, Geoffrey Gorman, Marilyn Pappas and Kate Cusack share their ideas and inspirations.

Both Lectures were wonderful, seeing each artist's work, hearing about their process and inspirations was fascinating.

Here's Geoffrey Gorman in Jane Sauer's booth with his fabulous found object sculptures. I love how animated his animals seem, I feel like they could get up and run away.

There is always so much to see, I wish I could list all the amazing art and artists to see at this show. A few pieces that caught my eye were the stitched sculptures by Anne Lemanski and these glass orbs with stitched filaments and glass tendrils by Cathy Strokowsky. I only had my iphone with me which does not take great pictures in low light, so I didn't take many photos.

After coming home from SOFA I took Abby out for a walk.  Being a nice day,  I was anxious to get her out to enjoy it before the cold sets in and it is too cold for her to go out on walks. As I turned the corner I saw a crowd on the sidewalk across from an SUV that said the Ellen Degeneres Show on the side hooked up to a trailer with a magazine stand on top. I hung out a few minutes to see what was going on and started up a conversation with a production designer named Larry who told me he built the magazine stand and gave me the low down on what was supposed to happen.

This is Ellen driving away with the magazine stand full of the latest O magazine that she is featured in.

Abby started to get cold standing outside as the wind kicked up in the shade, so I popped her in my coat to keep her warm. Luckily she stayed quiet and didn't start barking at anything.

Here's Ellen getting out of the SUV after going around the block.

Nina called me on the phone, so I looked up and she was looking over the balcony. The photo on the right is her view of me standing on the street below, while Abby gets some attention from a bystander.

Nina got this shot of Ellen from up on the balcony.


  1. Oh how very cool! Ellen was doing a shoot with Oprah for the cover of O magazine. Ellen had been talking about it on her show & Oprah tweeted about it yesterday.

    Wish I could also get to SOFA but it is always the same weekend as FAOF! Oh well. Will have to figure out how to squeeze in both next year.

  2. Amazing what you can do on your blog - split pics, write on a pic. Interesting shots of you taking a pic of Nina and she of you. What do you do when it snows - for Abby?
    Clueless about living in snow.

  3. jo jo

    I tried for years to line up photos in blogger and never had success with things lining up properly, so I switched to composing them in photoshop before uploading them to the blog, saves on lots of frustration.

    When I got Abby, I potty trained her to use a box. She has such a tiny bladder that she would never make it down 5 floors in the elevator and to the street in time.

    Being a very short hair Chihuahua, Abby is almost always cold. She wears polar fleece ponchos around the house on cloudy days in fall and winter when the temps indoors drop into the 60's.

    In the winter the ground is so cold that her tiny feet freeze very quickly and she will not wear little boots, so having an indoor potty option is a must for her AND me since I don't want to go out at midnight when it is below zero and wait for her to get her business done, lol.

    Abby doesn't go out much in the winter but when she does I have a sling I put her in and carry her, so she still gets to feel like she has been out and smelled some smells and seen the sights.

  4. You have an interesting neighborhood, that's for sure!

  5. Next dog I get - it's litterbox training! Great idea with a small dog. And I'd love to see a pic of Abby in her fleece Snuggie:)

    What Adobe software do you have?

  6. GREAT photos Judy! I love seeing all the action in your neck of the woods :o) It was fun to first read on your Blog about the Ellen/Oprah photo shoot then read it in the Sunday paper yesterday -ha!

  7. Jojo, when the weather cools off again and Abby is requesting her poncho I will take a picture.

    I have Adobe CS4 creative suite. Since my husband and I are both in and from design fields we have always had the top of the line graphics software. Everyone in the family has it on their computers, boy are my kids fast with photoshop, now I am the one who asks for help.


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