Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A little touch of gold

I outlined the yellow scroll design with metallic gold paint, to give it that classic gilded touch.

Now I begin the plants, it will probably take me a few days to paint all the flowers and grasses. The plants will be in a variety of greens from the green I have painted first to strong yellow greens like in the leaves of the trees.

The plants I have started painting first are made with emerald green and white. It looks really blue  against the bright yellow-green background, but that color is true to the hunting paintings.


  1. Yeah Judy! You don't disappoint:) I like that I can click on the pic and get a nice big enlargement.


  2. Wow! the detail, the shading, so beautiful. I am curious to you draw those plants freehand onto the green base or are you somehow able to trace them from behind?
    Love that unique sky.

  3. Thanks Quilt Rat,

    Where the green is lighter I am able to see through the fabric enough to trace off my plant designs, but on the darker green it can be pretty hard to see through, so I use a light box to put under the fabric and trace the plants. Then there will be some plants that i will just freehand draw to fill in open spaces.

  4. Judy the difference in the 2 deer is fantastic! Will the white behind the scroll remain white? I picture your quilting changing that....will this be quilted?

  5. thanks Vicky,
    The white fabric behind the scroll work will stay white. It is an ivory color. I will be quilting this when i am done.

  6. wow Judy! I haven't stopped by your blog in a while... how neat to see your new work in progress! it does not look like you have any anxiety about it at all! it looks wonderful!
    oh and by the way - your hair looks fabulous!

  7. Thanks Natalya, the further along in the process I get, the more relaxed I become, but then the anxiety will start all over again when it is time to quilt it!


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