Friday, November 06, 2009

Not much different and I'm going to SOFA

It doesn't look much different and I won't have chance to paint because I am going to SOFA today. I love this show, it is always so inspiring. This morning I am going to two textile lectures, I'll tell ya more later, my ride is on the way.


  1. SOFA - wow - I bet it's inspiring:)

    Have fun!

  2. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Judy, this latest piece of art is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. The detail is breath taking. Thank you for sharing. Rhonda M.

  3. omg! your generousily in sharing your work in progress is amazing. i remember the black and white deer one. because my creepy mother was an incredible artist and made sure none of us girls got any sort of art classes in school or out, and she never hesitated to tell me that i was NOT an artist i still feel like i am not. because i cannot draw accurately i have not attempted what could be really fun things. as i look thru art quilt mags and shows i see so many artful pieces done where people or animals diffenately do not look like who or what they shoudl be. i should be more brave and just go for it. you inspire me to try. i cannt wait to see this piece quilted...from the back, seems like your quilting is lost on the front..well from photos anyway but when i see the backs my breath is taken away. hey! wasnt it great caryl got best of show. i love that quilt!

  4. Susan, my heart goes out to you, I always feel so sad when I hear about some one who lives with those kind of scars. You really should work on some artistic healing. be kind and gentle with yourself and allow yourself to have creative playtime.

    You need to keep in mind that most art "talent" is really just skill. It comes from a person who loves doing it, spending thousands of hours doing it. Many people don't get as good as others simply because they don't love doing it enough to spend the time to hone their skills.


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