Sunday, November 01, 2009

Base painting for large deer

Saturday night I managed to get the big deer painted. I used a transparent brown textile paint and used varying amounts of textile medium (Jacquard; colorless extender) to lighten the color. I plan on painting brush stroke hairs over the majority of the deer similar to the way the animals are painted in the hunting paintings, but I will probably tackle the little deer first and come back to details after.


  1. Great progress! Thanks for all the updates. It's wonderful to see the whole process.

  2. it's fascinating to watch you bring this to life! thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing your work in progress, very inspiring............

  4. What is your working surface? Floor or table? Are you painting cotton broadcloth?

  5. Jojo, I am working on a large table that is probably close to 5 feet square. I am painting on Kona solid fabric by Kaufmann, it is ivory.

  6. Thanks Judy! Ooh la la - a huge table:)


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