Tuesday, November 04, 2008


We are going to wake up to a new tomorrow and take our country back. Peace.


  1. WOW! What a night? What a year? What an election? Now the changes began.

  2. Daren7:02 AM

    thinking of you. Were you in Grant Park last night??
    any photos? Daren

  3. What a great night to be living in Chicago!! I imagine you were there, so I'm looking forward to your first hand report on the night. I stayed up for the whole thing...they still can't call NC, but it doesn't matter to the outcome...change has arrived!

  4. I did not go downtown, my son really wanted to. My knitting group met last night in a local restaurant and all the people in the place were glued to the tv cheering Obama on. Two of the gals had tried to get tickets for the event and were not able to. There were 125,000 people down there. People were cheering in the street below us, it was all very exciting.

    It has been wonderful living in Chicago during this momentous time in history.

  5. Woohoo! What a tremendous and inspiring result, I'm so hopeful and inspired today. I bet Chicago is fun to be in today.


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