Saturday, November 15, 2008

Painted Peltex Pod Form

Stitched painted Peltex, embossed aluminum and wool felt.

I was curious what the surface of Peltex would look like painted. This is the non fusible kind.
I painted one side green and the other side purple, orange and metallic gold with textile paints.The surface came out slightly porous looking, not smooth and flat like painting lutradur or fabric, it has an interesting texture.

I cut shapes out of the Petex for the center of the pod and stitched free motion designs into it. The stitching does not stand out too much on the textured surface.

I cut outside leaves from fabric I had painted a while ago and fused it to wool felt, quilting leaf designs and finishing the edges with a satin stitch. I cut strips of aluminum and stitched it on the leaves and embossed it with free hand drawn designs. The metal helps the leaves hold a curved shape

I stitched some furry novelty yarn to the tops edges of the peltex and then satin stitched the sides leaving the top open.

Kind of reminds me of Little Shop of Horrors in this photo.

I fused a base to the leaves and stitched the leaf edges together through the lower sides of the center pod connecting the whole thing together.


  1. This is really cool and VERY Little Shop of Horrors.

  2. I had exactly the same thought as Kristin, but I especially like the way you used the aluminium to shape the leaves, neat!

  3. Stunningly kewl :}

  4. hi judy,
    those leaves are really amazing with your embossed metal, is that using the squares or does WH sell metal sheet in a roll too?

    love the ways you combine painted fiber and stitching with embossed metal. this is so creative. were you happy with the painted peltex, did it soak up a lot of paint?

    and your pup is such a cutie too.

  5. ditto on all the coolness comments! hope it doesn't your puppy....

  6. I used a 9" x 12" aluminum sheet to cut pieces out for the leaves.

    I liked the way the painted peltex looked but it did absorb a lot more paint than fabric does.

    The pod is about 9" tall and Abby is a 5 lb chihuahua so the scale is totally deceptive in the photo which I think is pretty funny.

  7. I wanted to scream "No!No! Stop!" at the Abby The Pod.

  8. Judy,
    I love your new pod! The shape and colors are awesome! I didn't realize that it was so big until I saw Abby standing by it (yes, I know she is a small dog), cute picture! The kids and I are making felting balls, today I throw them into the washer for felting. Thanks for all the inspiration!


  9. Judy,
    You have done it again. This is just amazing. You are so inspiring

  10. I'm afraid saying WOW again will be terribly redundant...but...WOW...again! Every new thing you do is just amazing...thanks for the continued inspiration!

  11. this is great, i wasnt sure how big it was until i saw the dog next to it. i must admit i am sewing a whole lot more. just need to get up close and personnel with my gammil to make a real difference. guests are coming and dont want to be awake all night listening to their chattering teeth :-)


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