Tuesday, November 04, 2008

IQF Day 2

After wandering the show floor a bit we wandered over to the sea of vendors making our way to the Quilting Arts booth. This is located next to the Make it University class area which is surrounded by all the arty mixed media fun vendors in the show.

I asked Barb from QA if they had brought my felted ornaments for the booth, since they were displaying many of the projects from the gifts issue. Well, they ended up being left behind in Stow, this meant I had no samples for my workshops. Luckily, I had extra felted balls and felt, so I passed out supplies to all my talented friends. First stop the lovely Laura Wasilowski and Frieda Anderson.

Not having my ornaments turned into a blessing in disguise, because I ended up with a great assortment of fresh ideas and beautiful ornaments to inspire my students.

Ornaments in progress, Laura and Frieda used Laura's colorful hand dyed threads, gorgeous!

A typical dinner at IQF usually consists of no less than 8 people at the table. right to left Deborah Sylvester, Carol Sinnreich, Maggie Weiss, Rachel, Leslie, Jamie and Frances.

After dinner we usually put on our jammies and meet in the sitting area outside our hotel rooms. Jamie models her heavy metal apron covered with snaps zippers, washers and safety pins.
We attracted the attention of a passing Bernina Fashion show winner and her family, while we stitched and made too much noise for a thursday night.
Rachel and I seriously stitching ornaments.
Rachel models one of Frances' wreaths from the Quilting Arts Gifts issue.


  1. I would be happy to stitch your balls anytime.

  2. looks like a lot of fun.


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