Monday, November 10, 2008

SOFA Chicago

On Thursday I got a call from my friend Trish Williams who invited me to go with her to the preview night at SOFA. (Sculpture Objects & Functional Art) Wow, what an offer: great company, fantastic art, free wine and appetizers... how could I refuse? I love going to the SOFA show, there is so much incredibly inspiring art in so many different mediums. Here are just a few of my favorite artists:

Steffen Dam- This artist makes these incredible scientific looking specimens in glass, often looking like botanical or sea creature forms. This collection looked like jars of jelly fish, I LOVE jellies!

Barbara lee-Smith- beautiful quilt-like imagery which I think is painted and fused lutradur with stitching. Breathtakingly beautiful landscapes.Karen Halt - these are small dresses made from muslin with graphite drawings on them. The finished dresses are coated in beeswax making them hold their shape. Ms Halt often has paintings accompanying these dress forms with imagery that relates to the garment usually including animals like monkeys, birds and squirrels.
Geoffrey Gorman (left) an artist that makes animal sculptures capturing life like movement from driftwood, canvas and found objects. Woodrow Nash (right) makes beautiful life size African figures from clay with beautiful patinas and designs.
J Paul Fennell (left)- exquisitely carved wood forms. Dennis Lee Mitchell (right)- incredibly realistic tree and bark sculpture made from welded clay.
On Sunday I went back for a second viewing with my son, who I knew would appreciate many of the sculptural forms in the show and a live glass blowing demonstration. I am so glad I went a second time because I saw pieces I had missed on thursday night when it was more crowded.


  1. Rats! I can't believe I missed this show again! Glad you had fun.

  2. Um, what is 'welded clay'? Welding, in my experience, usually means metals melted together and clay, which can be joined by wet or dry methods, doesn't usually have metal in it?

    Looks like this was a great show!

    :) Linda

  3. it was a fantastic show and I have no idea what welded clay would mean. that's what the description of the work says, it is exquisite.

  4. These are so great - thank you so much for sharing yet again. I am completely taken by the first two ones. But everything is worth a double-take.

  5. What a fabulous exhibit! Truly amazing.

  6. Judy,
    Thanks so much for your photos and links. I love the dresses! I went to Karen Halt's link and drooled over everything. Anyway, since I don't get to go to SOFA, I cherish your experience. THanks for the eye candy

  7. Judy,
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures. I really enjoy reading your blog, which is why I've tagged you! Relate 6 quirky things about yourself and tag five of your favorite blogs!

    Amy in Austin

  8. Hi Amy, thanks for visiting my blog, I am glad you enjoy it.

    I have gotten tagged many times for variations on this theme so I decided to stop doing them a while back. I feel kind of like a party pooper but I don't want to bore people by repeating myself. If you want to see what I wrote the last time I answered one of these you can go here:

  9. this looks like an AMAZING and inspiring exhibit, judy.

    and i love the pod you did, if your pooch hadn't been next to it i never would have guessed it were that big.

    hoping all is well and beautiful in your world...

  10. thanks for including a picture of my dog. you can see more or my work at my blog.

  11. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Your work is beautiful, I also loved the Pod! It would look great in my living room. I would love to see you exhibit!


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